SHPA case studies can help you refine your clinical decision-making skills.  In addition to the information supplied you will need to use your own knowledge and experience to work through the case study and answer the self-assessment questions. For SHPA members only: it may be useful to refer to the SHPA e-book library or Dynamed through EBSCOhost (a link to EBSCOhost appears in the left-hand column within each case study).



Developing an SHPA case study can be a great way to help you understand a clinical topic in depth and can be an opportunity to do self-directed Group 3 CPD in an area relevant to your practice.  Most of the case study content on the shpaecpd website is generated by members of SHPA.  If you are interested in contributing case study content to shpaecpd as a professional development activity, we’ve developed a process to allow you to submit a case for peer review and potential publication to the website.

Cases include: Acute interstial nephritis, Continuous Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis (CAPD) and Nephrotic syndrome

Cases include: Angina, heart failure 

Key search terms cardiac, aged care, general medicine


Cases include: Falls, Epilepsy and Parkinsons disease